DuraScan® D700, Linear Barcode Scanner

Product Description
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€309.00 (Ex. VAT)

The D700 DuraScan is a durable linear Bluetooth® barcode scanner that is built with a safe imager for the most commonly used barcodes. Designed for mobility and wireless scanning with long-range Bluetooth connection and enough battery to last two shifts.

Strong and durable for warehouses, outdoor distribution and industrial manufacturing, the scanner’s outer casing withstands multiple drops and tumbles for those tougher work environments. The D700’s casing has an IP54 rating, withstanding dirt and water splashes to keep up with the job’s demands. Even germs have trouble sticking to its antimicrobial material, making it a perfect pairing for the healthcare industry, featuring great ergonomics that fit perfectly in your hand for comfortable and extended use. Light and small enough to fit in your pocket. Ideal for field sales and field services.



  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology - Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices with long-range Bluetooth connection of 30 meters (98 feet)
  • Certified by Apple® for iOS devices – Guaranteed Compatibility
  • Scanning – 1D linear imager, reads all common 1D and stacked barcodes
  • Exceptional ergonomics – Small, light and fits perfectly in the hand for comfortable use over extended periods of time
  • Long lasting battery - Power to last over 16 hours 
  • User Indicators – Intuitive LEDs, Bluetooth connection, battery level and scanning status
  • User Feedback - Audible tones and hand pulsation
  • Rugged Design – Protection rating of IP54 for dust and water splashing protection; withstands multiple drops to concrete and repeated tumbles
  • Protective Material - Made with antimicrobial additives to help protect against harmful bacteria
  • Application Integration – Socket Mobile’s Capture SDK enables easy integration in your applications to improve business productivity with fast, efficient and reliable data transfer over Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Wearable - Includes lanyard/belt clip. Holster and Durable Retractable Clip available (sold separately)
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • Developer Support Available
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • D700 Barcode Scanner with Rechargeable Battery (Pre-Installed)
  • Charging Cable
  • Lanyard/Belt Clip with Retractable tether

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(Utility Gray - CX3357-1679)

(Safety Green - CX3372-1765)

(Construction Orange - CX3374-1767)


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